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Treads started with an idea to make premium shoes for horses out of used tires. Farrier Shawn Pominville, after some trial and error, was able to do just that. From there Shawn has developed other Equine Products made from recycled tires. These products include different variations of bridle/halter racks and a panic hitch. The tire material is nearly indistructable and extremely safe for your horses. All of the products on this site are designed by Shawn and handmade with old fashion attention to detail. I hope you'll take a look. 

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    Shawn Pominville

    103 Kirkland Ave.

    Clinton, NY  13323

    315-853-8503 or 315-749-4673 (sales)

    website: treadsforhorses.com

    email: sales@treadsforhorses.com

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